Altrincham Festival 2019

Thank you for visiting our website. After 41 wonderful years Altrincham Festival had a revamp in 2018. The changes proved a hit and we are looking forward to the 6th July 2019. Do you have any suggestions for how we can improve the parade or the showground entertainment? if so, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Can you print out and display a poster for us, and put up in your staff room, shop, bar,car you can download with the attachment below. 

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Bilal (Billy) Mhariam from Mhariam Altrincham Restaurant is helping us with some much needed fundraising.

If you pop into his restaurant, you will find that he is collecting for the Altrincham Festival and for each penny collected he will match, so if you donate one penny, he will donate another penny, if you donate £100 he will donate a £100

We are very grateful for this help and support.

Here are a few words from Bilal (Billy) Mhariam



Following an appeal last week by Altrincham Today and The Messenger, Altrincham & District Festival committee are delighted to announce that its Grand Parade has been saved and will continue its unbroken 41 year run on Saturday 7th July.  Festival organisers would like to encourage more participants to enter the Parade which will be led as usual by the Court Leet and followed by the amazing Starchaser Rocket, vintage and classic vehicles, Greater Manchester Police, two Samba bands, a bagpiper, and a variety of community groups, musicians and businesses.  There is a ‘Movies’ theme to this year’s parade so spectators should look out for their favourite movies and characters.

A relatively small shortfall in funding is being bridged with the help of two Altrincham business owners and public donations. The Festival committee were initially approached by Bilal (Billy) Mhariam, owner of the popular Mhariam restaurant overlooking Goose Green. Billy moved his restaurant from Timperley to Altrincham this year and realises how important it is for the community to back the Festival and save the parade. Billy is therefore match-funding all donations made by his customers. 

Billy’s friend, Jonny Hanson, owner of Altrincham’s iconic Oxford Road Café, is also asking customers for an optional 50p donation and will be match-funding the proceeds. The appeals are hoping to raise around £2,000 and will be running until June 11th.    

The Festival Committee has also received a £300 donation from Tesco Altrincham which resulted from the sale of second hand books in store and £111 from the Claims Guys who raffled some Ed Sheeran tickets. Public donations can be made by visiting

The parade is FREE to enter for all businesses, community groups, schools and voluntary organisations.  There is also still time for people to apply for stalls on the Festival Showground and a full programme of entertainment will begin at 11am, ending at 5pm. Booking forms for both the parade and showground  at :

Festival co-directors Neil Taylor and Sarah Walmsley have expressed their gratitude to the public and business community.  Sarah said, “The future of Altrincham Festival is assured when all the elements of our community participate so we are delighted that well-respected business owners like Billy and Jonny have stepped up to galvanise support. Our committee of volunteers has been working hard to raise funds and has achieved a great deal, but without any sponsors and having been knocked back for a large grant, it has been a bit touch and go this year. Thankfully, we can now concentrate on making this year’s event the best ever. We are revamping certain elements of the parade and showground this year and hope that everyone involved has a fabulous day.”


Altrincham & District Festival is to be revamped for 2018 and beyond, 40 years after its establishment in 1977, the Queen’s Silver Jubilee year.  The management team, which is made up entirely of volunteers, has already taken two steps towards the revamp. One has been to register a new Community Interest Company (Altrincham & District Festival CIC) - an organisational format which helps to ensure transparency and accountability to the community.  The other is to launch an online survey ( where the local people can begin to shape the future by offering suggestions, ideas and expressing an interest in becoming more closely involved. The survey closes on February 28th.


Neil Taylor, one of the organisation’s directors said, “Our survey is on our website Your Festival, the name of which reflects how the event serves the entire community, so we naturally welcome more involvement from individuals and organisations.  We live in a rapidly changing world and are keen to keep delivering what people want.  For 40 years, the Festival has provided fun and free entertainment, an opportunity to showcase local talent, to build lasting bonds, and raise profile and awareness. However, we recognise the importance of remaining inclusive and up-to-date. We are really looking forward to analysing responses from the public and engaging new people in the future of this event.”


Former Festival Chairman, Councillor Tony Fishwick, retired from the management team last year having contributed for 27 years.  He was thanked by the team for his years of service and presented with an engraved glass tankard and flowers. “There was once a day when I looked at Beech Fields and saw nothing but grass”, he admitted.  “But I was determined to see the expanse filled with entertainment for all and I feel we have done that over the years.  While I will always support Altrincham Festival, the time has come for me to have a rest so I wish the team every success with the revamp.”