Best Vintage -  Andrew Woodhouse - Green Goddess
Best Voluntary -  Timperley District Guiding
Best Business - Me and My Mate.
Best Vintage -  Tractor Steam - Bruce Thomas
Best Sports - Simply Cycling.
Best School -  Broomwood Primary School.
Most original - Broomwood
Supreme - Timperley District Guiding.

View hundreds of photos from the 2017 Altrincham Festival on our Facebook page.

We will be publishing details on the 2018 Altrincham Festival soon.


A selection of Altrincham Festival Videos


Altrincham Festival 2017 on Youtube

Altrincham Festival 2017 on Vimeo (In case you are unable to view the YouTube clip)

Altrincham Festival 2016

Altrincham Festival 2015

Altrincham Festival 2014

Altrincham Festival by Brian Leslie (Watch the rain come down)

Altrincham Festival 2012 in Timperley by lan Flett

Altrincham Festival 2011 by SirLeslie Gordon

The proposed date for the 2018 Altrincham Festival is Saturday 7th July

We will have more details soon. 

Whats on

In this area you can download a map that shows where the Altrincham Festival Grand Parade starts from, and the route that it takes to the Festival Field.
Also, if you are going to take part in the Altrincham Festival Grand Parade, you can get a drop of map

Here is a map to show where the Altrincham Festival Showground is. Its Beech Fields, Grange Avenue, Timperley

View Larger Map

Postcode for SatNav ; WA15 6DX 



Download this file (drop off parade map_PDF.pdf)Parade Drop Off Map[If you are taking part in the Altrincham Festival Grand Parade, here is a drop of map for you]607 kB
Download this file (parade_route_map.pdf)Parade Route Map[Here is the Altrincham Festival Parade Route Map]169 kB

Can you print out and display a window poster to help us promote our 40th Year, our Ruby Year.
Please use the attached .pdf file.

Download this file (correx_for_web_site_download_WITH DATE_2017.pdf)2017 Altrincham Festival Poster [Can you print out this Altrincham Festival poster and display for us? ]178 kB

The Management and Staff
Invite You to the:
Railway Pub,Ashley Road, Hale
Heats held on;
Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th July
Grand Finals Thursday 6th July 2016
Quiz starts at 8.00pm each evening
Entry Forms available from the Railway Pub
Contact Alan or Annette 0n 0161 941 5367

For more details visit our events page that you can find HERE

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