A brand new addition to the Altrincham and District Festival is The Altrincham Fringe, which is organising a series of events that will take place during the month on June.

What is The Altrincham Fringe?

The Fringe is collaboration of like-minded individuals who will handle the not- for-profit organisation of these events. They will be giving their time free for the good of the community.

The Fringe is planning a series of musical events that will take place during the month of June 2017 in the run up to The Altrincham Festival.
This will consist of a series of live concerts throughout the borough at a variety of venues

In order to make this happen we need:
• Offers from Bands, Singers and Musicians of all types to perform at the events.
• Offers of sponsorship to at pay performers legitimate expenses
• Offers from Venues to provide hosting.
• Offers from Equipment Companies who may be able to provide PAs, Staging & Stage Equipment, Amps, Instruments and other Electrical Equipment.
• Offers of coverage of the events from local news sites, magazines and blogs.

Note that the events will be held on a charitable basis and we will not be able to pay the providers for their services. We will however give as much publicity to those companies and individuals who wish to take part.
All proceeds will go towards generating funds for the Altrincham Festival itself and the hiring of any equipment that we cannot supply via other means.
If you think, you can make a difference then please contact us
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Help us to deliver the best schedule of events we possibly can!
Thank you in anticipation!
The Altrincham Fringe


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