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04 Jul 2017n08:00PM - 11:00PMnFestival Quiz
06 Jul 2017n08:00PM - 11:00PMnFestival Quiz Final
03 Jul 2017n08:00PM - 11:00PMnFestival Quiz
07 Jul 2017n07:30PM - 11:15PMnSequence Dance
05 Jul 2017n07:30PM - 11:00PMnKaleidoscope Big Band
18 Jun 2017n12:00PM - 04:00PMnAltrincham Fringe - Amanda Jane Heywood father’s day special,
25 Jun 2017n12:00PM - 04:00PMnAltrincham Fringe - Connor Banks
04 Jun 2017n12:00PM - 04:00PMnAltrincham Fringe - Metal Micky
11 Jun 2017n12:00PM - 04:00PMnAltrincham Fringe - Little Rach
01 Jul 2017n11:00AM - 05:00PMnTrafford Pride

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